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You are never too old to use a job board to find a job!

Last week someone sent me the link to this website - - maybe they think that it will soon fit my age profile!! I have to say what a good idea it is. I am not an advocate of more job board/ job search engine launches, but to be fair, this is a niche […]

For Primark, e-recruitment WAS the only way in Bristol!

As some of you will know I have been consulting with Primark for several months, working with them to redesign and improve their recruitment processes. Last week was the culmination of one of the phases - the recruitment event for the new Bristol Primark store. The site - - that I designed in conjunction […]

Innovation or Madness? New Recruitment company, Playfair and Noble, pay 50% of their fee to the successful candidate!

Do you ever get emails from companies looking to 'sell you' their company? Probably like you, I get a fair amount arriving in my inbox each week. So you could probably say that I am a little sceptical (too long in the recruitment world, I am afraid!!) So it was a really pleasant surprise to […]

A great new Twitter tool for job seekers - TwitterJobSearch

I came across this a couple of days ago, and it seems to have taken the Twittersphere by storm with its interest and simplicity!It is a web site called TwitterJobSearch and it is a fantastcially simple, yet brilliant, website for searching all the jobs placed on Twitter by companies and recruitment agencies alike.The screen shot […]

Does Your Business need a Recruitment Pinch Hitter now?

I am sure that many of you are not fans of Baseball, so first let me explain what a pinch hitter actually is: They are simply defined as a substitute for another person, especially in an emergency or a moment of need.  This expression comes from baseball, where it is used for a player substituting […]

Ever wondered what 1 million job losses looks like?

The world is racked with bad news on the job front, and we have all heard all about the job losses - too many times - but have you ever wondered what 1 million job losses looks like? This is from a post on the Finextra blog by Peter Cooper, and shows the all the major […]