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Would you recruit someone with a visible tattoo?

  Within the workplace, there is still - I believe - one subject that creates very strong opinions and  pre-conception discrimination when it comes to new colleagues and even worse prospective employees… and that is tattoos.Tattoos used to be considered taboo, connected to gangs, bikers, football hooligans (that's my Dad's opinion!) and generally other groups […]

This could only appeal to the Generation Y’ers!!!

When I saw this online, I first thought it was a p*** take. But then I realised that actually it is something that should be read in more detail - after all they have a patent pending(!!!). A little clue on this - it’s in the name ….Handvertising - simple but true! If there was […]

Let me explain more with a video…

Some of you may have seen the yellow graphic in the sidebar to the left, some of you may even have linked through to the site as well. is a forward thinking website aimed at SME companies who fail to use their own website to recruit staff (shame on you!). Of course they are […]

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Are you a Mad Scientist, a Schmoozer or a Big Cheese?

Do you hunt, implement or influence? Your personality type can define your character, what you will achieve and how you perform in the business world. Matthew Baysfield from Tree has defined nine different personality types - can you identify which of these apply to you? The High-flyer. You’re at your best on the move, juggling […]

Dragons Den losing its appeal?

Are the Dragons losing their appeal? It seems that they are not such an appealing prospect for SME’s, with 65% of them saying that they would turn down a deal from one of the five dragons - Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones, Deborah Meadon, Theo Paphitis and  newbie James Caan. I have slight problem with the […]

Get paid to interview - now thats different!

  I received an invited earlier today from something called Notchup, so I decided to investigate further. This is the opening lines of the invitation: NotchUp is a new way to manage your career. Instead of YOU having to sort through hundreds of job postings, NotchUp enables top companies to find you and pay you […]