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How GRB - a graduate recruitment site engages with graduates with social media?

There is loads of talk about graduates and how they use social media. Is Facebook, Twitter or even Google Plus their weapon of choice in social media land? If your business was dependant on it, then it becomes a pretty essential thing to find out. Today's post is a guest post from the guys down […]

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How Milkround used social media to engage with generation Y graduates [guest post]

  Graduate recruitment has seen considerable change over the last few years, and was one of the big casualties of the recent recession, as companies cut budgets and hired less. To survive in this space companies have had to embrace change and be prepared to do things differently. Today's guest post is by Anne-Lise H. […]

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Generation Y - Who, What, How

Today, I delivered a presentation to a room full of HR and Recruitment Directors from the Hotel industry, for the hosts, . The subject was generation Y in the workplace - their characteristics and how to engage them as employees. The hotel and leisure industry has a very high level of gen Y employees, […]

Is this the future for CV’s?

This week I had the pleasure of judging  a section of the entries for the upcoming NORAS awards. I actually looked at a number of websites encouraging candidates to create different types of CV's/resumes/profiles etc. While they are (obviously) the way recruitment will evolve as the gen Y'ers and the gen Z'ers get more involved, […]

Is the new Facebook Recruitment App - Work For Us - the beginning of the end for Job Boards?

  Facebook have finally crossed the divide into recruitment with a new app called Work For Us. This new app allows companies to post jobs and receive applications via Facebook. This really is where recruitment meets with a social network to become social recruiting! When companies have installed the app, a ‘Work For Us’ menu […]

The 30 sales interview questions you need to be able to answer, if you are a salesperson

  Last week I posted a comprehensive list of interview questions. They proved to be popular, both with job seekers for interview help, and with recruiters and HR people for some interview question inspiration. So I have produced a couple of extra posts with some further questions - this one today is for sales interview […]